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Marietta OH, 45750
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About Us

This July will mark the third Anniversary of Over the Moon Pub & Pizza. We've learned a lot, and have a lot to learn as we recently added a full bar with beer, wine and spirits.

There have been many changes, but the one thing that hasn't changed is our passion to make a great pizza and serve it with style in historic downtown Marietta.

I purchased the 150-year-old Over the Moon building from Pietro Muscari, Marietta's original pizzaiolo (Italian for "master pizza maker"). Pete did pizza right. He used quality ingredients, homegrown herbs, 100% real cheese, and that's the way we do it at Over the Moon too!

Fresh is best at OTM! We know that great pizza comes from great ingredients. That is why we grow our own herbs and veggies at the MoonFarm and use local farmer's market produce as well. As a lifelong area resident, I believe in buying locally whenever possible, and instead of purchasing from mega "big city" suppliers, we buy from a local, "family-owned" grocer.

With the addition of our new greenhouse, we can extend our growing season and keep fresh homegrown produce in your salad and on your pizza.

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