The Mons Piton Pizza Challenge

Are you brave enough to try our Mons Piton pizza challenge?

The Mons Piton Pizza Challenge is ~4.5 lbs. of your choice of pepperoni or cheese pizza. We create this beast by layering a large, medium, small and personal sized pizza together hot out of the oven. The layers “glue” together with the melted cheese making a peak of deliciousness. If you can devour it in an hour or less, then it is free! Otherwise it is just $40.

Winners receive the challenge T-shirt, the pizza, and recognition here, on our Winners Hall of Fame!

The Challenge Itself


These individuals have managed to conquer the challenge by not only eating the Mons Piton in a single sitting, but within an hour of time! Congratualtions to these culinary adventurers whose eyes were not larger than their stomachs!!

Mike England: Our first ever winner!

Eli Lessig: 2nd to conquer the Mons Piton Pizza!